Angel Pendant Cubic Zirconia 18K Gold Filled Rolo Chain Necklace Set CZ Charm Fashion Jewelry Gift Women Men 2.2 mm 18”

$19.99 $24.99

Angel Pendant Cubic Zirconia 18K Gold Filled Rolo Chain Necklace Set CZ Charm Fashion Jewelry Gift Women Men 2.2 mm 18”

$19.99 $24.99
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  • UPC: GF18K_ANG_RL_18
  • Brand: BEBERLINI
  • Type: Necklace Pendant Set
  • Availability: Out stock

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Angel CZ Pendant 18K Gold Filled Rolo Chain Necklace Set


angel pendant set

Humans have a long tradition of wearing jewelry to represent their faith or culture or as amulets for luck and protection. Angel Pendant is a symbol of protection, love, honor and faith!

Angel Jewelry is not only offer you a high vibrational, high quality and beautifully made piece of jewellery but also the angel wants to be of service to you, the light workers, healers, artists and therapists whose incredible work is helping us live happier, healthier, longer and more abundant lives.

Gift an Angel to a friend or loved one so that it will always be near them – and let it take them by the hand to protect them, and guide them, and generally help them in their life.

Our Beberlini Angel Pendant Rolo Chain Set is able to endure a lot of wear and tear and such an advantage makes them a more popular accessory. 18K Gold Filled pendant and necklace are hypoallergenic and made of high-quality metal, so they do not tarnish and oxidize and can last longer than other pieces of jewelry.

gold filled angel pendant set

Cubic Zirconia Charm Necklace Set Features

  • 18K High-Quality Gold Filled Necklace Cubic Zirconia Pendant Fashion Jewelry Set
  • Angel Cubic Zirconia stones pendant dimensions : 29.07 x 23.53 x 23.85 mm
  • Rolo Chain dimensions: Width 2.2 mm | Length 18"
  • Safety Lobster Clasp Keeps The Chain Necklace In Place And Ensures A Secure Fit
  • Doesn’t Require Any Special Maintenance - Just Clean Pendant With Water And Store In A Box
  • Comes In A Stylish Jewelry Gift Box And Makes A Perfect Gift Idea

Our BéBérlini 18K Gold Filled Angel Pendant With Rolo Chain Necklace Set is a perfect accessory gift for women. If you are looking for something special for your loved one - get this fashionable and exquisite Necklace Set to make a memorable impression

Main Characteristics

High-Quality 14K Gold Filled Metal
14K Gold Filled Alloy Copper

Won't Tarnish, Rub Off Or Turn Colors. Hypoallergenic Material For Sensitive Skin

Sturdy Necklace Pendant Bail
Sturdy Necklace Bail

Allows The Pendant To Pass Through Without Being Tangled

Cubic Zirconia With Pavé Setting
Shiny Cubic Zirconia

Flawless Machine Cut AAA Quality CZ Stones